Sehnsucht Atelier presents multidisciplinary artist and performer Mina Serrano in a personal tribute to Italian music icon Mina. 

Grown up observing the Transformists from southern Spain, the ability of those artists to transmute into something “bigger than life creatures and set their hearts on fire on stage” deeply stuck with Mina’s sensibility while exploring her practice. 

As a performer, Mina is interested in those sacred and intimate moments of makeover which define the ultimate creature exploding on stage. She is fascinated with the process leading to the artistic hyper human beyond the human: “the moment you start seeing the creature you dreamed of looking back at you in the mirror, slowly constructing itself, it’s almost like an eclipse of identity, and that for me, is the purest moment.” 


This work is not only a tribute but also an embodied study of those transformative elements which are so key to Mina Mazzini’s artistic persona. “The first time I saw Mina (Mazzini), I think it was on her Ancora Ancora music video – Mina S says – everything was golden, I saw her face in this very powerful close up, with her tragic eyes covered in golden paillettes, and her lips shining in golden gloss, and she shacked her golden hair as she performed the song irradiating with her eyes and her hands. It spoke to me on so many levels that I felt I was going to explode.


For me, besides being an immense singer and composer, Mina is a transformation master. Since when she quitted her public life in the 70s, everything we know about her are her changing hypnotic portraits and album covers, where she metamorphoses in every possible way and that’s where I connect with her.”


 Creative Direction: Mina Serrano 

Photography : Vincenzo Sassu

Styling: Rebecca Mzwei 

Videography: Alessandra Padovani