Sehnsucht Atelier presents Fucina series II featuring multidisciplinary Italian artist Ambra Castagnetti.

Castagnetti focuses on natural, feminine, and animal forms, decrypting her feelings towards reality. Describing her work as the result of daily-life epiphanies, Castagnetti’s touching and allegorical practice is deeply influenced by the meaning of mystery in life and human sensations.

“I’d like to depict an alternative world inhabited by multifaceted beings, in which the human presence does not lead to an anthropocentric-driven system, but to a horizontal co-presence in which the elements merge into each other. This ecosystem is constellated with cognizant, ungendered yet non-active presences, somehow crystalized in an endless contemplation, all connected by a higher consciousness. Time does not exist the way we perceive it, it is stiffened in images.” 


Find out more about Ambra Castagnetti here

Photography & videography  Alessandra Padovani

Creative direction Valeria Della Valle 

Sound  Batia Hasan

Styling  Rebeccamzwei 

Hair and make-up Angela Montorfano